About Us

With Venice LA simply having the best fishing in the country, our site is dedicated to providing news and information on fishing in Venice LA.

Fishing Out of Venice LA

Venice LA is all about fishing.  Everyone who lives in Venice has their life built around the fishing industry in some fashion. With so many charter fisherman launching out of Venice, we try to point out the best of the best.

With so many fishing vendors in Venice LA – and most of the fishermen that are visiting are from out of state, we focus our energy on connecting the dots.

We want to put you with the best charter fishermen out of Venice LA.  These are the most experienced captains, with a ton of experience and the best fishing boats.

Need lodging?

We have you covered.  We can not only book your next fishing trip, but we can get you set up with the best fishing lodge to add to the experience.  We have visited them all — we know which ones you want to stay in.

Some of our featured charters offer overnight charter trips – which can combine your lodging needs with the charter trip itself